GMP+ Scheme Advantages

Companies with a GMP+ certificate not only contribute to safe feed, they also benefit from many other advantages. They market their organization in a positive manner and have access to all knowledge available.

A GMP+ certificate (FSA and FRA) is first and foremost a risk management tool, but that doesn’t mean that companies can’t benefit from it in other ways.

  • A GMP+ certificate is considered to be a license to sell in more and more countries, meaning that being granted this certificate, involves new sales opportunities.
  • A GMP+ certificate contributes to the continuity of operations; your organization becomes more efficient in design and financial risks and cost involved in mistakes are reduced.
  • The focus on quality management (ISO 9001) and risk control (HACCP) provides a significant improvement in your overall quality policy.
  • A GMP+ certificate shows your customers and relationships that you represent reliability and professionality. This reinforces your corporate identity. Not only because you contribute to safe feed, but also because you are part of a network of over 20,000 companies in more than 80 countries.
  • A stronger chain. The more companies produce, process, store and transport in identical manners, the safer the feed produced by the chain becomes.
  • You’ll gain access to a lot of knowledge and information and various certificates can be combined, both within GMP+ (FSA and FRA) and with other schemes (harmonization).